Yashma Gill Defends Ramadan Game Nights


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Ramadan 2024 witnessed a surge in game evenings, with numerous celebrities emerging and enjoying various games in a variety of settings. Before Sehri, there were physical sports such as badminton and tennis, as well as celebrities enjoying board games. The tendency expanded significantly, and gaming evenings were conducted every other night.

Yashma Gill is also a regular at all of these gaming evenings, and she threw her own in the previous Ashra. Many individuals have opposed gaming evenings, claiming that this time should be spent on ibadat, and Yashma has responded to every of their complaints.

Yashma stated that they have extra leisure during Ramadan and want to remain up till Sehri, so gaming evenings are a wonderful option. Furthermore, physical activity promotes good health. She stated that those who criticize them should focus on their ibadat and refrain from commenting on their images.

This is what she said:

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