Sajal Aly On Importance Of A Supportive Partner


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Sajal Aly is one of the best artists we have in Pakistan. She has worked overseas and always puts a solid screenplay over appearances and glitz. Sajal Aly recently appeared in Zard Patton Ka Bunn, and she chatted with Fuchsia at the show’s press event, sharing some behind-the-scenes details as well as her own thoughts on society’s expectations.

She explained that riding the bicycle in the presentation was the most difficult part since it was too big for her and she fell down several times. Otherwise, she was always drawn to the role of Meenu and commented about how much she enjoyed being a part of a socially meaningful play.

Here is what Sajal told her fans:

She also stated that she did not want to be a doctor when she grew up like Meenu did. She aspired to be a politician as a youngster.

This is what Sajal revealed:

Sajal also discussed how marriage is portrayed in our culture as an endgame for women, whereas, in reality, marriage is a very essential and beautiful aspect of a woman’s life, but it is not the goal. Marriage may be a support structure if you find a supportive spouse, and women should constantly strive for independence via education.

This is what Sajal said:

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