Shazia Manzoor About Chahat Fateh Ali’s Fame & Success


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Shazia Manzoor is a prominent Pakistani singer. She rose to prominence as a playback singer after performing successful songs for well-known Pakistani films. Shazia Manzoor, a female playback singer, has controlled the film business with her distinct and sweet voice. She sang several successful solo songs, including Batiyaan Bujhaei Rakh Di, Chan Mere Makhna, Ballay Ballay, Banto, and others. Shazia Manzoor is now pursuing a successful singing career. She plays in worldwide concerts and Melas. Shazia Manzoor is proud to represent Pakistan globally.

Shazia Manzoor recently gave an interview with Moeen Zubair. In the interview, she discussed her singing abilities. She said, “Singers are born with good vocals, either you are a singer or you are not”. She also discussed Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s incredible popularity and success.

Speaking on Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Bado Badi popularity, she stated, “I believe people listen to him for entertainment. People enjoy him. It’s like a comedy. People enjoy his style. Allah has granted him respect. We all enjoy him. It is pretty brave that people are listening to him or singing. He’s confident, but I’m not saying he should keep singing. I’m not bothered about his views; may he get 2 billion views; nonetheless, I believe that a melodic song by a decent vocalist lifts your spirits.

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