Sara Chaudhry on Leaving Showbiz & Religious Transformation


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Sara Chaudhry is a former Pakistani model and television actress who rose to prominence due to her innocent appearance and exceptional acting abilities. She rose to prominence after appearing in the television drama Chokhat. Her other prominent plays are Behlawa, Tere Pehlu Main, Teri Ik Nazar, Din Dhalay, Chahat, Malangi, Tum Kahan Hum Kahan, and more. Sara Chaudhry quit the media sector after making a conscious decision owing to religious enlightenment. She joined Al Huda institution and dedicated her life to religious preaching. Sara is now happily married, with children. Sara entered the entertainment industry between 2002 and 2003, before leaving in 2010.

She recently appeared on Hafiz Ahmed’s podcast and shared her religious transition. Speaking about it, she stated, “My parents were always oriented toward Islam. They consistently stressed Namaz and the Quran. My father was quite stringent about Namaz. He used to question me about prayers every day. Even in her youth, my mother practiced Salah daily. Also, we used to celebrate Ramadan with tremendous enthusiasm. Aside from that, I was quite spiritual; I would pray for guidance, asking Allah to shape me into the person He desired. I discovered that tranquility may be found in Allah’s name and morality.

She went on to say, “I discovered that true wisdom comes from aligning your life with Allah’s will. Amidst my career and musings, another catastrophe occurred that led to my guidance: my young Khala died at the age of 38. It was then that I decided to leave the entertainment industry. It was shocking to me, like a reality check. My family’s limits also helped to shape my spiritual journey. As Sara Chaudhry, I was not permitted to spend much time outside with my friends. These limitations were a godsend for me, since they aided my spiritual path. I never really got into the media industry’s modernity.”

Here’s the link to the video when she discussed leaving the entertainment industry:

Sara Chaudhry stated that she entered show business to help her parents, as she had always wanted them to have a home and basic necessities. She stated that she was the only kid and desired to earn money, and she prayed for financial security and siblings. Her parents had experienced significant financial troubles as a result of their early marriage. She stated, “My father’s friend arranged for me to do a few modeling jobs after which I decided to pursue a career in media.” Even as a star, I spent a lot of time with my parents, so they also protected me.”

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