Shahzad Nawaz Expresses His Unconditional Love for Pakistan


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Shahzad Nawaz is a talented Pakistani actor. He started his career in advertising. Shahzad Nawaz co-produced the feature film Chambelli alongside Abdullah Kadwani. He also ran Nai Baat, a private news station. He also worked with Ary and Geo. Shahzad Nawaz has participated in Coke Studio as a voice-over artist for the songs. He recently rose to prominence after acting in the hit Pakistani drama serial Mein Shahzad Nawaz, where he played the character of Mr. Asif, which was well received by the public.

Shahzad Nawaz

He recently appeared on Fuchsia Magazine’s YouTube program. During the presentation, he expressed his desire to be buried in the Pakistani flag after his death. Speaking about it, he stated, “I have witnessed my martyr brother being buried with respect while covered in a Pakistani flag. We saw that bizarre scene. In addition, despite her scolding and affection, a mother will always be your mother. Our mother is sometimes cruel and sometimes kind; she prevents us from doing things, but we never stop loving her; similarly, Pakistan is our mother. I haven’t altered my mind after observing fresh happenings, problems, and rough times.

Here is the link to the video:

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