Ali Gul Mallah Shared He Tried To End His Life


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Ali Gul Mallah is a famous Pakistani television and theatre actor who began his career in Sindhi productions. He has been in several plays but has only recently become well-known. His major plays include Ary Digital’s well-known drama Besharam. He has starred in the popular Hum TV series Yakeen Ka Safar. He has recently gained acclaim for his memorable portrayal in the hit Pakistani television serial Ishq Murshid. His speech and the memorable term “Bhallay” became crazily viral.

Ali Gul Mallah

Ali Gul Mallah spoke on Nadir Ali’s podcast, where he discussed how he was shattered in his life and decided to terminate his life.

Talking about it, he stated, “I was very young when my mother died; I was crushed. I felt like an orphan. In addition, I was homeless and risked famine. I could not live with any of my family. So I walked to the train track and decided to go there. I rented a bicycle for that. While preparing to try suicide, I had a fleeting thought: “I’ll die, someone else will take the cycle, and the cycle owner will think of me as a thief.” I returned his bike. I also gave him one rupee. At that point, a buddy approached me and said, “I wrote a script for you.” I forgot about suicide and became joyful instead.

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He went on to say, “A man for whom I was working had beaten me, which stressed me out, and I decided to terminate my life so I had a message for others, “you all should treat the orphans properly.”

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