Shahzad Nawaz On Choosing Mein And Zaid Being A Loser


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Shahzad Nawaz is a well-known actor who rose to prominence after portraying the suave Asif Shahwani. The famed Asif uncle won hearts everywhere, and by the conclusion of the series, everyone was pulling for him, even though he was a bad character. He recently spoke with Something Haute about his decision to cast Mein and his thoughts on Zaid’s portrayal as a loser in the drama.

He explained that his management chose Mein for him because he no longer reads scripts. He noted that he hadn’t watched Pakistani entertainment in a long time, and his management had a better idea of which screenplays would succeed. Thus, he has delegated this task to her, and she now selects his scripts.

This is what he shared.

The actor also said that he was given Aijaz Aslam’s part in Cheekh but turned it down since he thought the screenplay was ludicrous. The director attempted to persuade him, but he refused, and the drama went on to receive high ratings.

Here is what he revealed:

He also sent his equation to Wahaj Ali. He stated that Wahaj is quite amusing and maybe a standup comic. He has a terrific rapport with Wahaj Ali and believes that Wahaj is as excellent as Zaid. Zaid appeared as he did because the character was created in that manner, and the writer bears most of the responsibility.

Listen to what Shahzad Nawaz stated.

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