The video of Sanam Jung crying after moving to America went viral


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After actress and TV host Sanam Jung left Pakistan and moved to America, her crying video went viral.

Sanam Jung shared a video of her drowning on her Instagram, in which she described the misery of living abroad.

Sharing the video of her crying, the actress wrote that sometimes a person wishes to go somewhere far away, and then when forced, a person finds solace in distance.

The actress wrote that indeed after difficult days there are days of peace and happiness, along with this, the actress also expressed her best wishes for all those who are facing a similar situation, i.e. those at home and They are living in a foreign country away from their own.

The actress can also be seen playing with her children in the video, but she becomes sad when she is away from her family and other relatives including her parents.

Many showbiz personalities have commented on the above video of Sanam Jung and wished him well.

It should be noted that Sanam Jang moved from Pakistan to America in July 2023, she also shared a blog about it, and even after moving to America, she continues to share blogs from there.

Just a few months after moving to America, Sanam Jang also came back to Pakistan to meet her parents and she also made an emotional post on her return home.

After moving to America with her husband and children, Sanam Jung is away from the showbiz screen, but she is active on social media and keeps sharing blogs from America for her fans.

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