Timeline Of Shoaib Malik’s Marriages


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Shoaib Malik joined the Men’s National Cricket Team in the 1990s and has never looked back since. He advanced through the ranks and eventually became the captain of Men’s National. Shoaib Malik is very popular when he plays in the leagues, and he currently works as an analyst on the popular show The Pavillion. His personal life has also made headlines since his debut in international cricket, and his marriages are frequently debated among fans.

First Marriage:

Shoaib Malik has now been married three times legally. He was first married to Ayesha, alias Maha Siddiqui. He was in a relationship with Maha Siddiqui, whom he met online in 2002. The pair conducted a Nikkah on call, but Shoaib did not acknowledge the wedding when Maha announced their marriage because he was married to Sania Mirza. Shoaib’s first marriage received extensive media coverage. Shoaib refused to admit it, but he eventually divorced Maha Siddiqui officially.

Second Marriage:

Shoaib subsequently married Sania Mirza, an Indian tennis icon. The couple married for many years and had a son, Izhaan Mirza Malik. Sania and Shoaib have not been seen together for quite some time. There were rumors regarding the couple’s divorce, but no one ever verified them. The pair has yet to announce the status of their marriage, while Shoaib continues in life.

Third Marriage:

Shoaib Malik is now married for the third time. The abrupt declaration has shocked both Pakistanis and Indians. He married Sana Javed, a renowned actress. Shoaib has yet to clarify the state of his relationship with Sania Mirza, while Sana Javed has not formally verified her divorce. But their wedding photos make everything plain.

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