Urdu is and will remain the language of India, another controversial statement by Javed Akhtar

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Mumbai: Javed Akhtar, a poet and correspondent of India, says that Urdu is an Indian language, it was not born in Pakistan or Egypt, but in India before partition.

According to an Indian media report, Javed Akhtar said during the launch ceremony of the poetry collection ‘Shaerana Sartaj’ that ‘this Urdu did not come from any other place, it is India’s own language’.

Javed Akhtar claimed that Urdu is not spoken outside India while Pakistan came into being after the separation from India and Pakistan is also a part of India.
Javed Akhtar asked the participants of the event, “Why have you left Urdu?” Because of partition, because of Pakistan? Urdu should be given attention.

Javed Akhtar said that Indian Punjab has a big hand in promoting Urdu and it is India’s own language.

Talking about Kashmir, the songwriter further asked the participants that if Pakistan says that Kashmir belongs to them, will you accept it? In exactly the same way, Urdu is and will remain the language of India, not Pakistan.

It should be remembered that Javed Akhtar came to Pakistan last month to participate in the Faiz Mela, where during the conversation, he blamed Pakistan for the Mumbai attacks, which drew a strong reaction from the public.

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