Uzma Hassan Gets Emotional Speaking About Late Parents


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Uzma Hassan is a talent powerhouse. Seeing her in a project makes you believe it will be a good one. Uzma has done some amazing projects in her career, and she crushed it again with her role in the latest movie Khaie. She is stunningly attractive, elegant, and composed, and she speaks her views without apology.

She was a guest on Fuchsia and discussed losing her parents. She explained that as a youngster, she felt closer to her father since he was the lenient parent, whilst her mother was stern. After her father died, a loss she still recalls vividly, her mother stated that she accepts her as she is because she loves her so much. She got closer to her mother after that, and she kept her happy till the day she died. She also told how her mother experienced many health scares before passing away from cancer, which was not detected early.

Here is what she shared:

She currently lives in Lahore alone, as her parents have died and her brothers have moved overseas. She stated that living alone is not easy. Managing your work, career, yourself, the household, bills, and repairs is not a simple task, and she admires anyone who can do it.

This is what she shared:

She further mentioned that as a lone woman in Pakistan, particularly in Lahore, she is unable to rent a room. She stated that it is a battle to do so, or that you must ask someone to vouch for you or take the spot in their name. Here is what she discussed:

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