Who Makes More Money Among Hiba Bukhari And Arez Ahmed


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Hiba Bukhari and Arez Ahmed are also a popular new pair. They are effectively advancing their professions while also maintaining love and respect for each other and their families. Hiba has risen to become one of Pakistan’s most successful actors, and Arez has always been supportive of her career.

They both appeared on Shan e Suoor and discussed how much they had changed since marriage. Hiba stated that Arez has grown more calm, responsible, and family-oriented since marrying. He also joked that he now dries off the bathroom after taking a shower. Hiba has changed in such a manner that she is no longer as enthusiastic about things. She is now more relaxed and at ease.

Here’s what they shared:

When asked who is adept at saving money, Hiba responded that she saves more money. Arez explained that Hiba saves more when she earns more. He stated that Hiba earns more money than Hum, and he is not a man who is insecure about it, as he is proud of his wife.

This is what he revealed:

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