Nisho Reveals Why Sahiba’s Father Left Them


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Sahiba Rambo is a well-known Pakistani film star who subsequently moved into television and is currently working on digital media as well. She recently shook the world by sharing a video of herself seeing her biological father for the first time. The video is spreading on social media, and many people are wondering why she has never met her father.

Nisho told ZAH Entertainment when her ex-husband abandoned her and Sahiba. She revealed that she was seven months pregnant with Sahiba when her ex-husband Inam Rabbani abandoned her and fled. He soon got married again. He divorced her later, after their daughter was born, but never returned to meet them. Nisho said that they had never sought to reconcile.

Here is what she shared:

She also claimed that their families were opposed to their marriage, which was the root reason of the breakup. She was unhappy that a guy should stay with his wife and child rather than forsake them due to familial pressure. Nisho stated that her ex-husband was not working at the time, and she was responsible for the household income.

Listen to what she revealed.

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