Vivek Oberoi Talks About Love & Association with Pakistanis


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Vivek Anand Oberoi is a well-known Bollywood actor best known for his roles in Omkara, Krish, Kurban, Sathiya Masti, and other films. He is the son of renowned Indian actor Suresh Oberoi, who has appeared in Kabir Singh and Animal. Vivek Oberoi became extremely popular following his collaborations with his colleague and most famous actress, Aishwarya Rai. Vivek Oberoi was also embroiled in a controversy following his battle with Salman Khan. Aside from acting, Vivek Oberoi is a successful realtor and company owner who lives in Dubai with his family.

Recently, the actor was featured on the popular Indian discussion show Sunday Brunch, hosted by Kamiya Jani for her YouTube channel Curly Tales. During the show, while enjoying his Bentley drive, the actor had an unexpected connection with a Pakistani fan who waved him from his car and yelled, “Love You, Vivek, from Pakistan”.

When you arrive in Dubai, you learn that no matter how strongly you identify as Indian, the way Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Nepalis, and Sri Lankans love you causes you to lose your sense of limits. That Bollywood villain on the other side of the border begins to question whether hatred exists. I mean, it’s extremely controversial to say this, but where is the hatred, guys, when they adore our food, culture, films, and us? I’m sure there are a few people like that.

Here’s a link to the video:

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