Was Mohib Mirza Dating Sanam While Being Married To Aamina Sheikh


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Divorce is difficult for everyone, but people must move on with their lives, and everyone deserves a happy ending. After a few years of marriage, Mohib Mirza and Amina Sheikh divorced. The ex-couple had a daughter together and handled their breakup and relationship with grace.

Aamina’s life has progressed as she married for the second time and has since ceased working in the industry. She was also blessed with her second child and is living a happy life.

Mohib Mirza also remarried Deedan’s co-star and friend Sanam Saeed. Later, while appearing on Fahad Mustafa’s show, the couple confirmed their marriage. Many people were confused about their marriage because many assumed Sanam and Mohib met while he was married to Aamina Sheikh. Their mutual buddy was Sanam Saeed.

Mohib Mirza has now addressed all rumors and claims of cheating. He claimed that he began communicating with Sanam following his divorce. He also stated that he is not obligated to respond to everyone about his actions or to announce personal life events such as his wedding. But he had his divorce decree in hand long before he moved on in life.

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