Why Nadia Afgan Does Not Want To Adopt A Child


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Nadia Afgan is an extremely skilled, eloquent, and well-read Pakistani theater business celebrity. She is candid about her life and discusses her problems and experiences so that others can learn from them. She has been married for 17 years, and the couple is really happy.

Nadia previously stated that she struggled greatly with infertility treatments and miscarriages. She experienced two miscarriages and went through a lot in life before deciding. That if it wasn’t happening for her, it was God’s will. She was candid about her challenges in an interview with Fuchsia Magazine.

She also explained why she did not adopt a child. Nadia described herself as someone who takes every responsibility extremely seriously. She imagined that if she adopted a child she able to devote all of her time to him or her. Another worry she had was if she and her husband’s families would honestly welcome the child as their own. As a result, she opted not to take this option and did not adopt it.

Nadia was very candid about her two miscarriages, and the fertility therapies she considered. And how her husband was her strength throughout it all. She also recommended anyone going through a similar experience to consider the lady whose physical and psyche must bear it all.

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