Waseem Badami Replies To Mishi Khan’s Criticism About Child Artists


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Ramadan transmissions are a yearly tradition, with each station creating its versions and chunks of hour-long transmissions. Shan e Ramzan is one of the longest-running major television programs. Waseem Badami is the major host, and he has added various parts to the show.

One of the highlights is a section with children, in which Ahmed Shah, who rose to prominence after a viral video, and his siblings appear on the transmission. People have previously expressed concerns about the inclusion of children in these programs.

This year, viral kid Vlogger Shiraz and his sister Muskan were also invited, and many people saw this as exploitation for TRPs. Mishi Khan felt the same way.

Here is what Mishi Khan said:

Waseem Badami has now provided his statement. He told Something Haute that he would not desire for any other child what he does not want for his children. He went on to say that if possible, he would invite all of Pakistan’s children to the concert. Badami also stated that they allow the youngsters to be children and do not urge them to fake anything.

This is what he said:

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