When a rich admirer became a servant in Govinda’s house


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Famous Bollywood actor Govinda was very popular among the youth in the 90s due to his excellent dancing, acting and comedy skills.

Many girls were also aspiring to marry Govinda during this period, even one of his admirers even worked as a maid in his house to be close to the actor.

Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja recently revealed this in an interview.

The actor said that one day I saw a girl standing outside my house, she was looking for a job, so I said that you should talk to my mother, she takes care of all the affairs of the house.

He further said that the girl went to my mother and she gave her a job and she started working at our house.

Govinda said that the girl could not do the housework properly but she was very active. One day my wife noticed some change and felt that something was wrong.

He said that and then the Begum decided that she would find out the truth about this girl.

Continuing the actor’s story, his wife Sunita Ahuja said that one day the girl was talking to someone on the phone and I snatched her phone and found out that she was talking to her father, who is a very rich man. and they also have eight vehicles.

She told that she was a devotee of Govinda and was employed in our house just to be near Govinda.

It should be noted that actor Govinda married Sunita Ahuja on March 11, 1987, which he kept secret until his daughter Tina’s first birthday.

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