Who was the abusive person? Aisha Umar gave an explanation


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Ayesha Umar, a well-known actress of the Pakistani showbiz industry, gave an explanation of the mistreatment of her and the various speculations circulating on social media about this person.

Recently, actress Ayesha Umar revealed in an interview that she was in a relationship for 8 years with a man who abused her day and night, but when it came to violence, she separated from him.

After this revelation of the actress, various speculations were born on social media, most of the social media users say that the said person is Sikandar Rizvi, the grandson of Madam Noor Jahan, there was a time when the name of Ayesha Umar was associated with him. was

However, now while sharing the story on the photo and video-sharing platform Instagram, actress Ayesha Umar denied all the news circulating on social media regarding the abuser.

He clarified that the abusive person he mentioned in the podcast is not Sikandar Rizvi, but the son of a family friend who has no connection with the media.

He requested his fans not to involve Sikandar Rizvi and his family in this matter.

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