Why Mahenur Haider Will Never Dance In Weddings


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Mahenur Haider has worked in the profession for 11 years, but she has done very selective work. She has appeared in both dramas and flicks, and her most recent role in Khaie earned her a lot of praise. She enjoys dance as an art form and hopes to perform a well-executed work on a large stage one day, but she has strong reservations about performing in public right now.

Mahenur stated that she may appear in a film because the film set is a controlled and professional atmosphere. She will, however, never dance at a wedding, a rule she established after witnessing something during a mehendi she attended. She mentioned that there was a really beautiful girl at a wedding she attended, and Mahenur loved her attractiveness. Later, same girl was dancing to the song Lazy Lamhay, and Mahenur was pleased with her talent. But when she seen how men looked at her, she determined she would never dance at a wedding. Wedding dance videos are increasingly becoming viral on the internet.

Mahenur has since vowed that she will never dance at a wedding and has been adhering to this rule.

Here is what she shared:

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