Yasir Hussain’s ‘harsh’ reaction to fan’s drawing of Iqra Aziz


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Yasir Hussain reacted on behalf of a fan to the sketch

Yasir Hussain shared a sketch of his wife Iqra Aziz on his Instagram story on behalf of a fan. The actor responded by first thanking the fan and then praising the fan’s effort and criticizing the fan for not taking a picture of his future wife. Advised.

Yasir Hussain wrote that “Thank you, good effort, but in the future, you will not make a picture of my wife, son, the matter will go to the case otherwise”.

Actor Yasir Hussain’s reaction was also commented on by social media users, some users criticized Yasir Hussain’s reaction for being harsh with his fan. “If you can’t appreciate, ignore it, don’t publicly mock the artist,” some users said.

Some people criticized the actor and wrote, ‘What can you expect? If you don’t know how to respect the love and hard work of a fan, ignore him instead of saying insulting things. While some users seemed to agree with the actor and advised the fan to try harder.

Here is the link to video:

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