Zaviyar Nauman Emotional Video Meeting With Brothers


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A well-known actor and host from Pakistan is Nauman Ijaz. Fans adore Nauman Ijaz for his superb acting abilities. The great Pakistani actor is pleased to be the father of three attractive and gifted sons. The eldest son of Nauman Ijaz, Zaviyar Nauman, is a rising celebrity in Pakistan with a sizable fan base. Nauman Ijaz recently traveled to the United States for a cricket match with his wife and oldest son, Zaviyaar Nauman Ijaz. Fans adored their journey to the United States and appreciated the images Rabia Nauman shared from the country.

Nauman Ijaz and his family recently made their way back home. So, Zaviyar Nauman Ijaz’s reunion with his younger brothers was captured in an emotional video that Rabia Nauman uploaded. Younger members of the family were hugged by Zaviyar Nauman and Nauman Ijaz. Rayaan was visibly moved and started crying as he hugged his older brother. Nauman Ijaz gave his son a hug as well.

Watch the Complete Video:

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