Ali Gul Mallah On Ishq Murshid Experience And The Story Behind Bhallay


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Ishq Murshid is a significant phenomenon in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. Each episode gains popularity in other nations, and people adore Shibra and Shahmeer/Fazal Bakhsh. The genuine Fazal Bakhsh, often known as Bhallay, is a persona that captivated the television public. Senior Sindhi performer Ali Gul Mallah plays the legendary figure, who is currently seeing a surge in popularity.

Ali told Something Haute about his extensive body of work and how he managed to work as an artist in the Sindhi sector. Ali also told how he came up with the character Bhallay, which has helped him gain popularity in mainstream media. He said that this was not intended to be a full-fledged role, and he was just requested to do two sequences with Bilal Abbas Khan. He said that he didn’t recognize Bilal because he wasn’t familiar with Urdu business performers. His kid, however, informed him that Bilal is his favorite and that he must collaborate with him. Later, he learned he recognized Bilal from a project, although Bilal didn’t have a beard back then.

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He also discussed his surprise when he discovered how popular his Bhallay was at a Lahori restaurant in Dubai; the servers knew him, and the owner subsequently took photographs with him and informed him that he was his guest.

He also said that Bhallay Fazal Bakhsh was never intended to be a full-fledged character, but Farooq Rind made him an important part of the tale, and he is grateful to him for what this character has done for his career.

Ali Gul Mallah shared his wonderful work experience with Bilal Abbas Khan. He stated that Bilal was a well-known star, yet he was so down to earth with him and gave him the freedom to perform, which made all the difference. Ali explained that many huge performers try to remove lines because they are uneasy in a scene, but Bilal always encouraged him and supported his improvisations.

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