Anchor Ashfaq Ishaq Sati explained the reason for having three marriages


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Ashfaq who is facing allegations of violence against his wife, has rejected the accusations

Ashfaq was accused of the worst violence by his wife Nomaika on January 28. He claimed that her husband tried to kill her.

Nomaika had also filed a First Information Report (FIR) against her husband at the Nazimabad police station, following which the anchor had obtained anticipatory bail.

Later, the anchor also rejected the wife’s allegations and now he clarified the issue of having three marriages.

Speaking to New TV, Ashfaq Ishaq said that his first marriage ended in divorce and he had three children from his first marriage, which he had to remarry to take care of.

He said that the second wife Nomayka first talked about taking responsibility for the children but later refused.

According to him, he married Nomayka three and a half years ago and has a two-year-old son with her.

According to Ashfaq Ishaq Sati, he got married for the third time to a fellow anchor and he also has a one-and-a-half-year-old son with him.

He said that he got married for the third time to take care of the children of his first wife. But as soon as he got married for the third time. Nomaika again talked about taking responsibility for the children. But still, she continued to have problems with the issue of children.

He said that he had sons from both his wives and that he had been the one to torture his wife. Nomaika would not have lived with him for three and a half years and there would have already been reports of his violence.

The anchor denied the allegations of wife abuse, claiming that his wife Numaika is not in a good mental state and has committed self-harm and self-harm in the past.

He also complained that news anchor Rabia Anam and social leader Jibran Nasir are directly involved in his case, due to which the police is not even filing a case on his complaint.

He said that Rabia Anam and Gibran Nasir should understand that every picture has two sides, the wife and their conflict was a family matter, which was exaggerated and presented as something else.

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