Areej Mohyuddin On Happiness Beyond Material Possessions


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Areej Mohyudin, a young actress, made her debut in 2018. She has since been in a number of major projects, and people admire her beauty, purity, and acting ability. She has collaborated with several prominent stars and has gradually established herself in the industry. She was a guest on Mazaq Raat, where she discussed her achievements and life lessons.

Areej revealed that she began working when she was 21. She had no idea what to do with her money or how much she could earn at first. She then began saving for some of her ambitions, paid her university tuition, and purchased a car since she wanted one so much.

Here is what she shared:

Areej went on to say that she used to think that not having her own automobile was a hindrance in her life, but after she acquired one, she realized that this was it. She shared that as life progresses, she has realized that no material object can truly make you happy, and that not having things will not prevent you from accomplishing your goals. Human nature causes us to wish for goods, yet they are not the true source of calm and happiness.

This is what she said:

Areej also explained her definition of love. She stated that love occurs when you prioritize someone over your ego and desires, and only their presence is important to you. She also feels that one-sided love is love because it does not require the reciprocation of the same feelings.

This is what she thinks love is:

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