Ayesha Jahanzeb Defends Herself & Questions Parenting In Pakistan


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Ayesha Jahanzeb is a former teacher turned anchor, comedian, and actor. She has appeared on numerous live shows and transmissions, most recently moderating a Samaa discussion in which Sahil Adeem fought Azba Abdullah. Ayesha hosted the show, and the battle went viral all over social media.

Ayesha recently appeared on a podcast and was asked to provide her thoughts on the Sahil and Azba incident. She stated that anyone could tell what she was thinking from her expressions on the show when women were nicknamed Jahil. She also suggested that the girl should have conveyed her point of view more effectively.

She stated that she had no idea the girl was a channel employee and believes that the observation may have been framed more effectively if Jahil had not been present. She went on to criticize current parenting practices and what Generation Z is doing while believing they are the greatest.

Ayesha Jahanzeb had this to say regarding the Taghut affair and Gen Z’s reported issues:

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