Can Haroon Kadwani Replace Feroze Khan – Public Debate


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Young Pakistani actor Haroon Kadwani became well-known because of Kinza Hashmi’s role in the recent successful telefilm Ruposh. He is the renowned producer Abdullah Kadwani of Pakistan’s son. The general consensus is that it is a plus for him. People charged him with mimicking Feroze Khan when his telefilm Ruposh aired. Haroon responds to the accusations by saying, “Feroze Khan is an amazing actor, and I don’t mind if people compare me to him.” Fans are eagerly anticipating Zara Noor Abbas and Haroon Kadwani’s recent and upcoming thriller Jhoom.

The upcoming drama Jhoom, which has a large budget, stars Zara Noor Abbas as the primary lead in addition to Haroon Kadwani. Haroon Kadwani will play an obsessive admirer who adores an elderly girl in the drama. Fans immediately began comparing Haroon Kadwani to Feroze Khan’s appearance in Khuda Aur Mohabbat after viewing the drama’s teasers. They also launched a discussion about Haroon Kadwani taking Feroze Khan’s place.

It was also discussed on the Showbiz Pakistan Instagram page. Feroze Khan cannot be replaced, according to the majority of supporters, but Haroon can carve out a space for himself. One admirer claimed that he is making a serious effort to imitate Feroze Khan. One fan advised “Don’t copy Feroze, there is nothing to copy in Feroze, be yourself” Although many people believed that Feroze could not be replaced, Haroon Kadwani’s supporters believed that he could succeed. Some claimed that although he works because he is a producer’s son, he lacks Feroze Khan’s or any other good actor’s talent. Most people claimed that he was merely imitating Feroze Khan.

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