Hina Bayat Opens Up On Not Having Children


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Hina Khawaja Bayat possesses extraordinary skill and intelligence. Yes, she is gorgeous and graceful, and everyone is impressed by her style. She is well-read and smart, and she has always been an open book about her life, sharing her experiences with others so that others might receive assistance if they are going through a similar situation. Hina Bayat’s husband, Roger Daud Bayat, died not long ago, and it was a tragedy that Hina faced with bravery, showing the world how to keep going despite losing the most essential part of one’s life. She instead traveled to aid earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey, and her generosity is admirable.

Pakistani society has a way about everything and if someone’s journey is not according to the accepted path, questions arise. Hina Bayat does not have children and as she was on Maliha Rehman’s show, she was asked about this. She was very open as always and revealed that yes, she and her husband always wanted to have children but this was not in Allah’s plans. They were always enough for each other and their life was beautiful and complete.

Here is what she shared:

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