How Will Hassan Ahmed React If Kids Followed Christianity


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Sunita Marhall and Hassan Ahmed create a stunning interfaith couple. They have always been honest about how they handled religions with their children, and their children have grown up to be Muslims. They have two children and are teaching them tolerance, unity, and the significance of respecting all religions in the globe.

The pair spoke on Masarrat Misbah’s show and discussed parenting children in an interfaith household. According to Hassan, most people follow a religion because they were born into it. We don’t study it or try to figure out what’s right and bad. He stated that pursuing anything solely for the sake of your forefathers is not advisable. You should educate oneself first, then make a decision.

Here is what he said:

He also discussed how he would react if his children wanted to follow Christianity. He stated that he never thinks in such manner, but if this occurs, he will chat with the youngster, make them reason, and ask for their interpretations and justifications. He will not go out breathing fire and will inquire why people would desire to practice a different religion. He noted that his daughter is very intelligent and always considers these things.

This is what he said:

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