Javeria Abbasi Announces Third Marriage With Details


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Javeria Abbasi comes from a family of artists and has been working since she was very young. She has had many ups and downs in her life, and she has raised her daughter Anzela Abbasi entirely on her own. Anzela is a successful artist who recently married in a stunning event. Javeria is also entering a new era of her life, which she announced on Samaa News’ morning broadcast.

Javeria has been posting photos of herself with a man and an engagement ring from Paris, taken beneath the stunning Eiffel Tower. She later tweeted photos of herself wearing bangles presented by her mother-in-law. Here are the photos Javeria Abbasi has been posting on her Instagram:

Javeria has officially confirmed her third marriage. She was formerly married to actor Shamoon Abbasi and had a daughter with him; she later married again to a businessman, but the relationship did not work out. She announced her third marriage on Samaa today.

After her marriage, Anzela was alone, therefore she took this request seriously. She talked about it with her daughter and friend Shahood Alvi. When they found the right person for her, she got Nikkahfied three months ago. She also confirmed her sister Anoushey Abbasi’s divorce, stating that Anoushey has reached the marriageable age and that she is responsible for herself.

Here is the beautiful announcement with all the details:

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