Simi Raheal Reveals Industry’s Whitening Complex


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Simi Raheal is an industry professional who appreciates art and culture. She is also a teacher and scholar, and she is not afraid to express her opinions. Simi Raheal was a guest on The Current, where she discussed everything from her activism to education and her passion for arts and culture.

Pakistan’s history has given it a colonial mindset, and many people, particularly the elite, impose this thinking on the masses as a result of their power and position. This has also gradually affected Pakistanis’ collective thought, promoting colorism, in which a person with a pale skin is deemed attractive.

Many celebrities’ skin tones have changed dramatically since they first appeared, and there have been suspicions of whitening injections.

Simi Raheal stated that colorism exists owing to a lack of education and a colonial attitude, and it is very common in the sector. She went on to add that whitening injections have caused almost the whole business to turn white.

Here is what she said:

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