Ken Doll Hits Back At His Critics


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Ken Doll, as Adnan Zafar, is a well-known social media personality. He is recognized for his distinctive Ken Doll appearance, his hilarity, and his collaborations with all of the celebs that visit Dubai and have a sense of humor. He mostly works in the hotel industry but has also begun creating material that has become popular on various social media platforms.

Ken recently visited TikTok star Sehar Mirza’s wedding. He is a Mirza family friend who thoroughly enjoyed the wedding festivities. Ken also danced his heart out during the mehendi ceremony, and his performance went viral on social media. People were astonished by Ken’s performance during the wedding.

Adnan Zafar

This was the dancing performance that eventually attracted a lot of criticism: Check this post and read comments…

Ken has finally responded to all the critics. He requested everyone to keep it classy and stated that he can do anything he wanted and that this was his decision.

Here’s what Ken said to his critics:

Adnan Zafar

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