Naeem Abbas Rufi’s Advice To Kahani Suno Fame Kaifi Khalil


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Naeem Abbas Rufi is a renowned Pakistani vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist with decades of experience in the music industry. He is incredibly skilled and has achieved enormous popularity and renown due to his strong vocals and beautiful songs. His most recent famous song was Ayaa Lariya Ni for Coke Studio. He has also participated in several worldwide musical shows and concerts.

Recently, Naeem Abbas Rufi was featured on Nadir Ali’s program, where he discussed the new Pakistani music phenomenon, Kaifi Khalil. He also commended his song, Kahani Suno, and its creativity. Naeem Abbas Rufi also provided valuable guidance to Kaifi Khalil based on his expertise.

On Nadir’s query, “What advice would you provide to Kaifi Khalil?” he said, “He is a fantastic artist. His father was an instrument manufacturer. Allah has granted him great esteem and reputation. Now I have some suggestions for him, as he just performs one song, “Kahani Suno,” for an hour. He only has one song to perform in a one-hour show. He needs to collect more tunes like this. He has to have other hits so that people stop asking about “Kahani Suno.” He should have a band with him. He also has to generate two or three songs like “Kahani Suno” so that he can sing for hours on end.

Here is the link to the video:

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