Nooreh Ignored On Shahroz’s Birthday


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Talented and attractive Pakistani actor Saleem Sheikh is well-known for his roles in the hit television series Sunehre Din, Parosi, Raahain, and Chief Saab. He is a professional vlogger who frequently shows viewers pictures of his family. Fans enjoy his everyday vlogging and his positive attitude.

Saleem Sheikh’s vlog has recently gained a lot of attention. Well, the actor and his sister Safina Behroze currently live in Karachi. He organized a small birthday celebration for Shahroz Sabzwari on his 36th birthday as a wonderful birthday surprise. Additionally, he recently shared a little video on his official YouTube page. Fans enjoyed the adorable family moments in his vlog, but some of them observed something peculiar about the prettiest Nooreh Shahroz. The viewers of Saleem Sheikh’s birthday vlog noted that Shahroz Sabzwari’s eldest daughter was consistently disregarded.

The Sabzwari family and Saleem Sheikh were criticized by the public for omitting Nooreh from the vlog. These allegations were made by a small number of Saleem Sheikh’s organic YouTube subscribers. They also claimed that Nooreh did not receive a response when she greeted her Baba Shahroz and that Sadaf Kanwal had prevented Nooreh from appearing in the video.

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