Pakistani Celebrities Raise Voice For Palestine


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Since 1948, when the apartheid Israeli state began to take shape in Palestine, Palestinians have been subjected to oppression. Since then, Israel and Palestine have engaged in numerous conflicts, during which Palestinian properties have been occupied, children have died and been slaughtered, and millions of people in Gaza continue to live in an open-air jail. The Palestinian organization Hamas recently began a full-scale offensive on Israel, and since then, they have significantly damaged the occupying army. As a result, things have become more complicated once again. More than a hundred children have already died in Gaza as a result of Israel’s response, which included targeting civilians and hospitals.

Muslims from all over the world are supporting the Gazans and calling for the application of international law. Celebrities from Pakistan have also spoken out in support of the Palestinians and expressed their sorrow over the deaths of civilians and helpless children, particularly infants.


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