Singer Ali Haider’s return to the world of music


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Ali Haider, a well-known singer from the Pakistan music industry, is ready to step into the world of music again after almost a year and a half.

Ali Haider started his journey back into the world of music in a spectacular way at the Dells. The red carpet premiere of the singer’s new song ‘Dhoolan Yaar’ was held at Fun Asia Theater Dells where the audience was mesmerized by his singing.

The event was attended by prominent personalities from various fields belonging to DFW, on this occasion a party was organized by Fin Asia. Ali Haider fans welcomed his comeback in the music industry, this new song of Ali Haider is composed of an Urdu Punjabi track with viral beats, Ali Haider on this occasion the track is Punjabi Urdu with infectious beats. Stated the number.

Talking to the media, Ali Haider said that music in Pakistan and India plays a role in connecting the two countries, from old jeans to many of my popular songs that have gained popularity in India and now my art has started working on songs with Asia. Here is the meeting of India and Pakistan in America.

He said that in the video of the song, Vaishali Thakur, the owner of Fun Asia Films, has shared the song with four moons.

Model and dancer Vishali Thakur, head of Fun Asia, said on the occasion that Paulo Coelho has said the truth that when you want something with all your heart, the whole universe works to match you with it and it is the same with me. It also happened that modeling went on to become an entrepreneur. She thanked her husband Sam Thakur and son Somal Thakur for their support. Directed by director Kamiji, the song ‘Dhoolan Yaar’ is composed by Ali Haider and music by Vicky Ali.

On the 5th anniversary of FinAsia, Sam Thakur also made some big announcements and told the audience that Radio Caravan is now a part of FinAsia, thus there is no longer any radio to compete with us in the Dales. On this occasion, the attendees congratulated Sam and Vishali.

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