Saba Faisal & Hina Bayat Open Up About Young Actors’ Behaviour


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Saba Faisal and Hina Bayat are two exceptionally skilled and prominent Pakistani television performers who have achieved great recognition and success after acting in well-known Pakistani programs. Both actors appeared in the recent successful drama series Khaie. Fans praised their outstanding performances in the difficult parts. Hina Bayat is also receiving critical and public appreciation for her bad role in Geo TV’s Khumar. Saba Faisal is being acclaimed for her role in Green Entertainment’s popular drama series Stand Up Girl.

When asked about the actresses’ unprofessional behavior, Saba Faisal responded, “I am very punctual and particular about my work.” Today, I was already talking on set about how someone may be late or leave his or her belongings at home since our scene ran late due to an actress’ continuity concerns. She left her suit at home, and I was thinking, how can you forget the items you need to wear for the scene? I’ve been working for a year, yet I never leave my outfit or accessories at home.

Hina Bayat stated, “I knew a girl who refused to wake up on the set of her scene when everyone was waiting for her. I can’t criticize everyone on set; but, I do address it with those who are close to me.” Saba Faisal and Hina described several situations in which performers or children ignored and did not welcome elders.

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Hina Bayat, when asked about actors who appear to be young, remarked, “There are players who are your age, who frequently portray your kid, start calling you “Appa.” The same thing happened to me when an actor started calling me “Appa” and I said, “When did I become Appa?” And when we requested him to display his ID card, he seemed perplexed. So, this occurs a lot; why do you have to make them your relatives? Just call them by their names.”

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