Sahir Ali Baga and Aima Baig’s new song ‘Vishmalle’ released

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Sahir Ali Baga, the famous singer of Pakistan music industry and singer Aima Beg hum awaz hoya and released a new song ‘Wishmalle’ for fans.

In the video of the song uploaded on video sharing platform YouTube, the two singers can be seen humming and dancing in costumes that reflect the different cultures of Pakistan.

Lyrics for this music video by Adnan Qazi are written by Imran Raza and music composed by Ayaz Ali, Sahir Ali Baga and Balochi Folk.

Sharing the video of her song on photo and video sharing app Instagram, Aima Baig captioned it as ‘This song has been released so listen to it and enjoy the fusion of different cultures and glamour’.

He further wrote that this song includes Balochi, Saraiki and Punjabi.

The music video is getting a lot of likes and interesting comments from music fans and well-known personalities from the showbiz industry.

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