Shiraz’s Hilarious Reaction on his Friend’s Exam Result Goes Viral


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Muhammad Shiraz is a popular Pakistani vlogger. The cute little boy rose to prominence through his everyday vlogs. He was praised for his scenic vlogging from Gilgit, Balitistan. Shiraz has a large number of followers due to his fascinating content creation and his innocent and spontaneous style of communication. Fans appreciate his informative micro vlogs. Shiraz also made waves for his appearance on ARY Digital’s Ramadan transmission Shan E Ramazan.

Shiraz recently posted a humorous vlog on YouTube. Shirazi shared his results in the vlog. He also shared his buddies’ results with his supporters. Muhammad Shiraz notified his supporters that he is concerned about his results because he failed a course.

Shiraz remarked, “There is pretty bad news; I failed one subject. I’m worried about it.” He then asked his friend, “Did you pass?”What was your result?” His friend informed him that he had also failed the exam. The little Shiraz laughed and said, “Now I’m relieved.” Watch the exact segment of Shiraz’s vlog.

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