Srha Asgr Reveals Senior Actress’s Inappropriate Advice


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Srha Asgr is an incredibly brilliant actress, model, and dancer who excels in choreography. The actress has played various memorable characters over her career, and she is now shining as Hajra in the drama Akhara. She is also venturing into hosting, and she will dominate that field as well. She is an actress who does not focus too much on her hair and makeup and prefers to keep her appearance basic.

She appeared on Ayaz Samoo’s show and disclosed some improper advice she received from a seasoned actress. She mentioned that she was shooting a project in Lahore alongside this veteran actress. The two did not interact for two days since Srha prefers to stay to herself on set, but on the final day, the senior actress approached her and made the most surprising revelation.

The elder recommended Srha to have Botox on her forehead because she was developing wrinkles there. Srha was taken aback when the actress began by mentioning that she had watched Srha’s shows and noted the wrinkles on her forehead. Srha just refused to listen to the unpleasant advice.

Here is what happened:

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