Syed Noor’s Advice To Men Thinking About Second Marriage


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Syed Noor is one of Pakistan’s biggest producers. He has nearly 300 films to his credit, including significant hits like Chooriyan and Majajan. His personal life has also been widely addressed in the media. He got married twice. He had children in his prior life and later married cinema superstar Saima Khan.

As a guest on Wasi Shah’s show, he offered counsel to guys who are thinking about marriage again. He stated that one marriage is sufficient, and that marrying again damages many aspects of one’s life. He is grateful for his fortitude in managing two families, as well as his family’s cooperation, but he believes that a second marriage is not advisable.

Here is what he said:

Syed Noor also discussed the distinction between first and last love. He stated that your first love occurs when you do not recognize the emotion, however your last love occurs when you are more patient and understand it. He considers Saima his final love, and their relationship is stable and beautiful.

This is what he had to say:

He also talked about losing his first wife and how his children despised Saima immediately. They eventually warmed up to her, and his youngest kid is now extremely close to Saima because of the love and respect she instilled in all of her children.

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