Waseem Abbas Gets Backlash For Criticizing Bilal Abbas Acting In Ishq Murshid


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Waseem Abbas is a seasoned Pakistani television and film actor who has worked in the media for decades. Waseem Abbas has been in several successful dramas, including Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Mere Humsafar, Ashiyana, Din, Family Front, Landa Bazar, and others. He recently hosted a drama review show called Kya Drama Hai for 24 News HD. In a recent episode of the show, Wasim Abbas discussed Ishq Murshid’s narrative and Bilal Abbas’ performance. He also chastised director Farooq Rind for his ineffective directing. He also discussed the drama serial Ost.

Waseem Abbas said in the drama, “Ishq Murshid is successful because it has the prayers of any Murshid (a religious guide).” Farooq Rind is a great filmmaker who has created several popular plays, but Ishq Murshid stands out. I can’t believe that a decent-looking father who appears educated offered a room to a stranger, and his young daughter went to the rooftop and engaged in love chats with that gentleman for hours. It is just impossible and unacceptable in this culture.

Also, I believe Bilal Abbas is a little over the top; some of the things he’s doing are unnecessary, and he’s overdoing it. Also, how can he be that smart to be in numerous locations at the same time? The plot has serious issues. I believe people started to like it because their chemistry drew them in; I don’t see any other explanation.”

He goes on to add that Bilal is overacting in several spots. Waseem says that Bilal is amazing at love situations, but other parts are over the top and he has to tone it down.

He stated that Bilal Abbas should be grateful because ‘Tera Mera Hai Pyar Amar’ elevated the drama to new heights because the song was the catalyst for the program’s success. Waseem also stated that Farooq Rind must address the faults of execution. He complimented Durefishan’s acting. He stated that the power of drama is its love chemistry.

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Fans believe that all of the artists evaluating Ishq Murshid are jealous of Bilal Abbas’ acting abilities and can’t handle his popularity. A few claimed that the show’s concept is agenda-driven and that they are paid to critique the drama. Fans also stated that the world recognizes Pakistani plays, however, these senior performers have challenges. Unfortunately, a few Ishq Murshid followers made exceedingly negative comments about the senior actor.

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