What Saba Faisal Learned As Mother In Law From Previous Experience


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Saba Faisal is a lovely and skilled Pakistani veteran television performer who has been in several series throughout the years. Saba Faisal began her career as an announcer and newscaster for PTV. She is currently known as an amazing performer. Fans also like her outgoing demeanor. She has appeared in several popular Pakistani dramas, including Durreshehwar, Lashkara, Baaghi, Humsafar, Ghisi Phiti Muhabbat, Sar E Raah, Khuda Aur Mohabbat, Habs, Khaie, and others. Fans recently praised her performance in Raah E Junoon. Saba Faisal is happily married, and her three children are all happily married. Saba Faisal is currently spending time with her daughter in Karachi, who is visiting.

Recently, the mother-daughter combo appeared on Samaa TV’s morning show, hosted by Madeha Naqvi. In the show, she discussed what she learned as a mother-in-law from her previous experience.

Speaking about it, she stated, “When Salman got married, I had no idea what I was doing because I was so excited about my daughter-in-law.” I used to say, ‘Wear this or that’. I used to train her out of love, just like I had done with Sadia. Neha is a very beautiful and educated girl, but she probably felt that I was pressuring her, which was upsetting for both her and me. So I told Nisha, “Do whatever you want,” yet she did exactly what I said throughout the first few days of her wedding. Her small acts of obedience have captured my heart.” Sadia Faisal also stated that “now she asks everything from me”. Here’s a link to the video:

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