Why Arham Defends Fabiha and Not Sanaya in Hasrat


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Hasrat is a drama on ARY Digital that has captivated the public. The characters of Sanaya, Arham, and Fabiha have captivated viewers with what is going on in their lives, and all three performers, Kiran Haq, Fahad Sheikh, and Janice Tessa, are garnering praise for their performances.

In her most recent interview with Fuchsia, Janice Tessa explains the reasons for Fabiha’s conduct. She explained that Fabiha was a girl who had been working since she was quite young. When you live such a life, you eventually become dissatisfied and want to reflect on yourself and your desires. She was likewise persuaded by Arham’s mother and did what she did.

Here is what Janice said:

Fahad Sheikh also explained why he defended Fabiha from the start and not Sanaya in front of his mother. He stated that owing to the circumstances, he and Sanaya were already drifting apart, however Fabiha was the fresh shift in his life, thus he was supporting Fabiha instead of Sanaya.

This is what he said:

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