Why Producers Were Scared Of Kabli Pulao


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People are raving about the drama Kabli Pulao, despite the fact that many were anticipating that such an innovative and upbeat plot would not succeed. Every week, Kabli Pulao is one of the most popular videos on YouTube. It is popular not only in Pakistan but also abroad, where viewers are eager to watch what will happen to the lovely couple Barbeena and Haji Mushtaq.

In the drama, Saqib Sumeer, who plays Ghaffar, appeared as a guest on Fuchsia and shared some little-known facts about Kabli Pulao. Saqib is also a part of another Green blockbuster, Jeevan Nagar, and Kabli Pulao, which is currently showing on Green TV. He divulged a little-known detail about both dramas, which startled the producers.

According to Saqib, Jeevan Nagar and Kabli Pulao are both extremely original stories, and their creators were unsure of whether they would succeed or fail. If they were successful, they would open doors for new content, but if they failed, all the other creators of saas-bahu dramas would claim that they had already discovered the secret to successful dramas.

Everyone was therefore relieved that the drama was a success and that more stations will now produce original programming. He also praised Green TV for making the decision to broadcast such a variety of programming.

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