Zafar Abbas’s Shocking Statements About Super Rich Pakistani Celebrities


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Zafar Abbas is a world-famous Pakistani social worker and philanthropist from Karachi. He is the owner of the JDC Foundation. JDC (Jafriya Disaster Management Cell Welfare) is a well-known welfare organization that works to improve the lives of others. Syed Zafar Abbas Jafri founded JDC in 2009 with his like-minded pals. During Ramadan, JDC operates large Dastarkhuwans and distributes Zakat. Aside from that, JDC organizes free treatments for needy individuals. They are currently busy purchasing sacrifice animals for Eid Ul Azha, which is being organized for needy individuals.

JDC’s founder recently appeared on Nadir Ali’s show, where he disclosed stunning truths about wealthy Pakistani actors who never consider money when assisting someone in need. He provided instances of Fahad Mustafa, Ahsan Khan, and Nadir Ali.

Talking about it, Zafar Abbas said, “Now that you have discussed Pakistani celebrities’ help, I will share an incident regarding Fahad Mustafa, we were doing a show in Ramadan on ARY Digital when a Hindu kid’s father needed a hefty amount for his child’s bone marrow transplant, Fahad Mustafa called in the show and announced the help of 20 lacs, not only this, he immediately sent money to us, now the kid is doing well and is living a normal life and it was possible

I also created a video on it. “Fahad Mustafa, Ahsan Khan, and Nadir Ali are always willing to help others.” Nadir Ali went on to say, “we give you money without any fear because we trust you, we know you are helping people for real” .

Here’s a link to the video:

Also, here’s a link to Zafar Abbas’ video from when Fahad Mustafa handed him a check for 20 lac rupees:

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