Zanjabeel Asim’s Message To Naive Girls Who Watch Dramas


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Zanjabeel Asim Shah is one of today’s most successful drama writers. Her various dramas are currently airing on television, and she has already had several hits this year. Her dramas Shiddat, Noor Jahan, and Habil Aur Qabil are now airing on major networks, and she is scheduled to film three more soon.

Zanjabeel has authored several stories and saw a lot in society. She was a guest on Fuchsia, and she had a message for all the young and innocent girls who watch dramas and live in a fantasy world.

She advised you not to wait for a hero to save you since a guy with a Mercedes will approach a female with a helicopter. He is not coming for you, and if he does, it will be similar to Noor Jahan’s scenario. If a girl manifests materialistic goods, a guy will do the same.

Here is what she said:

She also discussed how in-laws who wish to conquer a new girl entirely cut her off from her family and support system in order to completely dominate her, as she demonstrated in Shiddat.

This is what she shared:

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