Zarnish Khan Supports Sahil Adeem


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Sahil Adeem is a public speaker who has recently made headlines for his controversial views and fight with Azba Abdullah after the Taghut video went viral. Sahil Adeem appears on several news stations and live broadcasts, and he has given presentations at multiple institutions.

Zarnish Khan was a former actress and model. She began working in the last decade and has been involved in several successful television programs. Zarnish has a cheerful attitude, which shines through anytime she appears on television.

Zarnish left acting some time ago. After performing Umrah, she quit the industry to pursue Islam, and she now primarily speaks about injustices against people around the world or offers Islamic teachings with her following. Zarnish Khan shared a video of Sahil Adeem after the country was divided between him and Azba Abdullah when the contentious episode aired. Zarnish Khan has backed Sahil Adeem’s ideas.

Here is the clip she posted:

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