Abrar Ul Haq Has A Complaint From Ex-Political Followers


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Abrar ul Haq is one of Pakistan’s most prominent musicians. He is recognized as the Bhangra king, and his music has inspired dancers all over the world. Billo, the star’s debut song, became a hit, and he has since continued to create wonderful music. Abrar similarly entered politics and lasted with the PTI for 13 years before “announced” his departure following the press conference incident. Abrar ul Haq is also a philanthropist, and his Sahara Trust is well-known around the world, having assisted millions of Pakistanis.

After Abrar left politics, his fans had a mixed reaction. He went on to perform a concert for a rival politician’s company, which sparked a massive backlash against the ex-politician. People were dissatisfied with Abrar, and they made it known publicly. Abrar has now openly discussed this.

Abrar stated that he has a concern with his ex-followers since they have repeatedly criticized him rather than senators and advisors who have left the party. He believes he did not deserve such a strong reaction to this choice and that one day he will be back in politics.

This is what he had to say:

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