Sadia Faisal Blames Women For High Divorce Rates


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Saba Faisal, an actress, has a daughter named Sadia. She is a model and actress herself, and she is very close to her famous mother. Sadia Faisal has been married for a decade and has a son. She is very focused on her family and manages to balance her career and family commitments.

Sadia Faisal stated on the FHM podcast that we are not foreigners and have our own traditions that would never change. She stated that marriages are between two families, not only the man and woman. She further stated that all women who married believing that they are simply marrying the male are misguided and face difficulties in their marriages.

This is what she said:

Sadia also discussed the higher divorce rates in the sector these days. She claimed that when women are independent, their tolerance level drops and they do not compromise at all. This lack of tolerance is the driving force behind the current increase in divorces. She went on to suggest that when women earn more, their brains expand, which is why marriages fail.

This is what Sadia had to say:

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